About 707 Management

Our employees are "Compelled to Succeed." The results achieved by our team are a direct reflection of our approach.

Quality Control Team:

Oversees team on a consistent basis to ensure accountability and performance. Weekly meetings are conducted with the corporate team to address areas that are in need of our attention as a team, or any specific area i.e. maintenance related concerns or a resident and/or employee related area that may need additional help.

Mentoring Program:

All new hires are assigned to a mentor. The mentor is their peer trainer in the same position, ensuring they are trained accurately for their specific role. The new employee will further utilize their mentor (peer trainer) as a resource going forward until they are proficient in all areas of 707 Property Management policies and procedures.

Training and Support:

707 provides a variety of training and support programs for our employees, including:

  • Yardi Training
  • Metro Multi-family Crime Free Housing
  • Online training webinars: fair housing, anti-harassment, time-management, customer service, etc.
  • Employees are shopped via email, telephone and in-person on a regular basis
  • Monthly employee contests in place


The corporate marketing manager oversees and supports the on-site teams in areas such as:

  • Individualized Marketing Plans
  • Community Outreach
  • Resident Outreach
  • Community Newsletters
  • Market Survey/Comparable Grids
  • Advertising: Design and Layout