About 707 Management

Our Objective:

"Compelled to Succeed". We succeed when all of our stakeholders succeed: our clients, our employees, our community, our vendors and our service providers. When all stakeholders are committed to the intended outcomes, we can accomplish great things. The most important outcomes are improved financial performance, inspired and dedicated employees, an enriched community environment, committed vendors and service providers who deliver exceptional products and services at a fair value for all and balancing the goals and objectives of all parties at interest.

707 Property Management, LLC is committed to the highest standards of performance and accountability in an environment defined by integrity, creativity, openness and commitment. We take an asset management approach to each community entrusted to us, with the experience and commitment to achieve the Management Plan for each community.

Our Management Plan:

An individualized Management Plan for each community is developed during the Due Diligence Process. The Management Plan contains objectives, methods, financial planning and alternative execution strategies. Each community is unique in itself and in its submarket and the goals and objectives of each client are unique. The Management Plan addresses property and market level opportunities and integrates the operational and marketing strategies with the client's desired outcomes.

Collaboration with our clients is fundamental to developing a Management Plan that works. We provide data, observations and recommendations and then revise and refine the Management Plan after getting input from our clients. The result is a set of goals and objectives and an operating and capital plan that all parties have committed to.

Client Relations:

Effective implementation of the Management Plan requires consistent communication with our clients. Written and verbal communication as needed, together with the comprehensive Monthly Reports ensures information is available for informed decision making. Every associate at 707 Property Management, LLC is committed to realizing the Management Plan in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Every day presents opportunities to make improvements and to learn something new about the community and our client's perspectives.